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What a week!   Four power failures in two days, some lasting for 9 hours.  We ended up with the supply coming from a generator truck for most of the week (which, incidentally, also blew the generator and caused yet another power outage!!!).  We reverted to candles for illumination, playing cards by torchlight for entertainment and my kids discovered that there are other things in life than MSN Messenger.Dark
So the trigger for today is:

dark  [d?rk] 

1. having very little or no light
2. radiating, admitting, or reflecting little light
3. approaching black in hue
4. not pale or fair; swarthy
5. brunette; dark-colored
6. gloomy; cheerless; dismal
7. sullen; frowning
8. evil; iniquitous; wicked
9. the absence of light; darkness
10. night; nightfall
11. a dark place.
12. a dark color.
dismal, cheerless, dim, obscure, gloomy, murky


  • BiirdieYou’ve Got Darkness (album:Morning Kills the Dark)  [Web] [Myspace]
  • Blue Bone ExpressDarktown Strutters’ Ball [Web] [Myspace]
  • The DarknessFriday Night (album: Permission to Land)  [Web] [Myspace]
  • Elton JohnIt’s Getting Dark In Here (album: Peachtree Road)  [Web]
  • The HoosiersEverything Goes Dark (album: The Trick to Life)  [Web] [Myspace]
  • KT TunstallThrough The Dark (album: Eye To The Telescope)  [Web] [Myspace]
  • Richard ElliottCandleight (album: After Dark)  [Web]
  • Tilly and the WallRainbows in the Dark (album: Bottoms of Barrels)  [Web] [Myspace]
  • Natalie BrownLet the Candle Burn (album:Let the Candle Burn)  [Web] [Myspace]
  • The ApparitionsElectricity and Drums (album:As This Is Futuristic)  [Web] [Myspace]


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