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One to Watch: The Fairline Parkway

  I received an email today from The Kora Records asking me to take a listen to a track by one of their recording artists.
The Fairline Parway are from (mainly) Washington DC.
Zachary Okun and Raj Gadhiamet one summer after recognising each other from college lectures and, decided to play together. A fan heard them and was so taken withtheir sound he managed to get them into a studio and their first full length album was born.
That was back in 2002. Since then the guys have travelled for their work. Zach, as a studio engineer and Raj, in and out of bands. Along the way they’ve added Ben Licciardi, Krista & Elmer Sharp to the lineup and after a somewhat impromptu session in 2007, their album “A Memory of Open Spaces” took shape.
They’ve signed with a new record label – The Kora Records – and the album is due for release on 27th May.
They recently played at the South by South West concert and got excellent reviews.
It’s what I’d call ‘soft indie pop’. Very calming, very relaxing, yet enough Pop in there to get the foot tapping. I suppose I’d compare them to Belle & Sebastian or Jeff Tweedy.
Don’t worry if this is not the normal genre you listen to. I’m sure that people of all ages and tastes will like these guys. And, as a test, I just got my 15 (going on 35) year old Son to take a listen and he gave them a big thumbs up.
I’m hoping to be able to give you a better view of the album soon, but meanwhile, take a listen for yourself to a track off the new album:
  • The Fairline ParkwayWestward Bound (album: A Memory of Open Spaces)
Visit their Myspace [here]
Visit The Kora Records [here]
Order your copy of “A Memory of Open Spaces” [here]


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