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Eric Hutchinson: Sounds Like This

  Eric Hutchinson has been around for ages but, following the folding of his record company, Maverick Records, he has now been taken under the wing of Warner Brothers again and is due to re-release his album “Sounds Like This”.
The album was originally released in 2007 and rocketed to the top 10 in the iTunes charts thanks to hype and support from renowned web gossip Perez Hilton.
His style probably puts him somewhere between John Mayer, Jamie Cullum, Maroon 5, etc.
Listen to the lead track from the album:
  • Eric HutchinsonOK, It’s Alright With Me (album: Sounds Like This)
Visit his Website [here]
Visit his Myspace [here]



  Kelsey wrote @

This album is amazing!!

I’ve also seen him live one of the few times he’s been in Canada and he puts on a killer show!! I am a huge fan!

  baldyman wrote @

His style is certainly my kind of music, Kelsey.
Let’s hope his record company troubles are over and he can get around to a new album, not just a re-release.

  hutchead wrote @

Check out Erics video if you have not.

And check out too.

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