Music with expression

TRIGGER: Vasectomy

The idea for this trigger came about when I was listening to a program on local radio where they were discussing the merits of the vasectomy operation.
Me being me, I saw the ‘lighter’ side and thought it might provoke a little mirth with you…the readers.
By the way…I am qualified to see the ‘lighter side’, having paid my dues and seen the more ‘painful side’ of this medical procedure many years ago. (coughs…and checks…)
I got to thinking what songs could best be used with a subject like this and I came up with the tracks below.
BUT I’m sure YOU can think of better ones. Why not leave a comment with your suggestion and if possible I’ll do an update post giving due credit for the suggestions.
Go on, give it a go…..

So the trigger is…
vasectomy   [va-sek-tuh-mee]
surgical excision of the vas deferens, or of a portion of it: performed to effect sterility in men.
the snip, the chop, firing blanks


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