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One to watch: Francis and the Lights

  This band has received a smattering of coverage in the blog-o-sphere but don’t seem to have taken off, which I find strange.
I was tipped off about these guys by Drew at the Linesthroughlines blog and they are, in my opinion, just great!
To date they have produced two records, “A Modern Promise” and their latest EP “Striking”. But get this….they are happy for you to download both records for free!!!  That’s a total of 10 tracks for free…nada….gratis.
The lead track, ‘Striking’ is a brilliant number….very Prince…very….STRIKING, and ‘Night Watchman’ is catchy as hell.
Visit their website and watch the video for the track ‘Top’….energetic, or what?
These fellas deserve a sight more than the 8 and a half thousand plays they’ve had on their Myspace.
Show them some love.
  • Listen to ‘Striking’from the EP “Striking” [here]
  • Listen to ‘Night Watchman’ from “A Modern Promise” [here]
  • Visit their website and download their tracks [here]
  • Visit their Myspace [here]


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