Music with expression


dandle  (DAN-dl)

1. To move (a baby, child, etc.) lightly up and down, as on one’s knee or in one’s arms.
2. To pet; pamper.


amuse, bounce, cosset, cradle, dance, fondle, love, nuzzle, pet, play, ride on knee, rock, sport, toss, toy with


  • SpoonInfinite Pet  [album:Gimme Fiction   2005]
  • American BabiesRocker  [album:American Babies   2008]
  • Ben FoldsRock This Bitch (Live Album Version)  [album:Ben Folds Live   2002]
  • Black Eyed PeasRock That Body  [album:The E.N.D.   2009]
  • Rob ThomasCradlesong  [album:Cradlesong   2009]
  • Atomic KittenCradle  [album:Greatest Hits   2003]
  • Kate NashPlay  [album:Made Of Bricks   2008]
  • JameliaBounce  [album:Thank You   2003]
  • Black Eyed PeasMovement  [album:Behind The Front   1998]



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